• get hired.

    If you’ve got the skills, then we’ve got the positions. We ensure the best fit, so you don’t waste your time.

    Put your trust in us to keep you happy – and keep you working!

    We can help you:

    Get your resume in front of the right people
    Tap the hidden job market to find jobs that are never advertised.
    Make a great impression with your resume and in the interview
    Build your skills on a variety of projects
    Work in safe, professional environments

  • Benefits.

    Steady Work
    Work more with Valence! Valence field staff have endless project opportunities for steady employment.

    Weekly Pay
    Choose how you wish to be paid. Pay transmitted automatically onto a VISA debit card or Direct Deposit into your bank account

    Medical / Dental / Life Insurance
    We provide a comprehensive suite of benefits to our field staff.

    Holiday Bonuses

    Skills Training and Safety Accreditation
    Through our affiliate partners, Valence provides access to paid technical training and safety accreditation for field employees.

    Prevailing Wage
    We have tons of public work that pays extremely high rates. Ask our recruiters about these opportunities.

    Personal Safety Equipment
    We provide hard hats, safety glasses (or goggles) and gloves to all field technicians working in environments where they are needed.

    Referral Bonus Program
    We offer referral bonuses for qualified technical talent. Referral bonus paid after they have worked a total of one month.

    Lead Generation Program
    Bonus offered for information leading to a business opportunity for Valence Staffing Group. Bonus paid once we acquire the account or land the project.