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What Can Employers Do About the Construction Labor Shortage in 2024?

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Associated Builders and Contractors anticipates the need to attract 501,000 additional workers to meet the construction labor demand in 2024. Also, a 2023 survey by Associated General Contractors of America and Autodesk found that 88% of construction firms were having difficulty hiring workers. As a result, many construction firms are struggling to complete projects on time and within the budget.

High retirement rates and the lack of younger generations entering skilled trades are contributing to the construction labor shortage in 2024. The results include project delays, growing labor costs, and difficulty hiring skilled workers.

Fortunately, employers can take steps to alleviate the effects of the construction labor shortage in 2024. The following methods can help.

Develop a Culture of Construction Safety

Prioritize safety to enhance the company’s reputation as an employer of choice:

  • Supply each construction employee with a hard hat, safety vest or shirt, safety glasses, and safety gloves.
  • Emphasize the importance of safety during the onboarding process, including adherence to company and project safety plans and protocols.
  • Provide regular safety training based on project and employee needs.

Maintaining high safety standards reduces worksite accidents and injuries. As a result, employee attraction and retention rates should increase.

Offer Construction Apprenticeships and Training

Construction apprenticeships and regular training enhance skilled worker development. These opportunities support workforce sustainability.

Upskilling and reskilling enhance career development and employee attraction and retention. Companies can train their workforces to fit their changing goals and needs, remain competitive, and reduce future construction labor shortages.

Increase Construction Project Flexibility

Consider adjusting project timelines and exploring alternative construction methods to accommodate the construction labor shortage. Also, implement construction technologies that reduce labor dependence. These flexible approaches support using the available workforce to maintain project quality and deadlines.

Prioritize Construction Employee Retention

Offer competitive income and benefits, a positive work environment, and learning and growth opportunities for construction employees. These factors strengthen employee engagement, performance, and productivity. They also elevate job satisfaction, employee morale, and attraction and retention rates.

Partner with a Construction Staffing Agency

A construction staffing agency provides access to skilled workers ready to work on projects. The agency offers short- and long-term solutions that align with project timelines and labor requirements to fill individual staffing needs.

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