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Why Are More Women Building Construction Careers?

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More women than ever before are building construction careers. The competitive compensation, support network, and advancement opportunities are among the top reasons.

The ease of entry and low- and no-cost education and training opportunities encourage many women to join the construction workforce. As a result, women are having a strong impact throughout the industry.

Discover why more women are building construction careers and how you can begin yours today.

Diverse Construction Career Opportunities

Women have virtually endless options when choosing construction careers. There are different paths to develop the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for career growth.

For instance, a woman might secure a construction apprenticeship through an employer, complete the education and paid training, and secure a full-time job with the company. Or, the woman might take on an entry-level construction role and receive on-the-job training. Either option provides a foundation to develop her knowledge and skills, take on additional responsibilities, and move up within the organization.

Most construction firms emphasize internal promotion. Therefore, women prioritizing professional development can take on higher roles and earn additional income.

Ease of Entry into the Construction Industry

The shortage of skilled workers makes it easy to land a job in the construction industry. As experienced workers retire or change sectors, additional workers are needed to replace them.

Women with a high school diploma or GED can enter the construction industry at no cost through either an apprenticeship program or an entry-level job. Either option helps women develop the knowledge, skills, and experience needed for career advancement.

Women also can complete technical or community college programs to begin working in construction. Earning professional certifications or degrees supports construction career progression.

Virtually Equal Pay for Construction Jobs

Women who work in construction earn 95.5% of what men who work in construction earn. This gender pay gap is significantly smaller than in other industries, where the gender pay gap averages 82.9%. As more employers prioritize equal pay for equal work, women in the construction industry can earn as much as men. 

Women who build construction careers can begin earning competitive compensation from the start. The more women increase their qualifications, the more opportunities they have for increased compensation in advanced roles. This compensation significantly grows with management and leadership roles.

Women’s Advocacy Throughout the Construction Industry

The National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) supports women in the construction industry. The organization provides women with professional development programs, networking opportunities, and leadership training. The local and national training events empower women in construction to expand their skill sets and secure higher-paying roles.

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