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Which Construction Skills Are in High Demand?

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Knowing which construction skills are in high demand can benefit your career. Demonstration of these skills helps fill employer needs and provides increased opportunities to advance your construction career.

Hard and soft skills are in high demand within the construction industry. Showing you have a variety of skills helps add more value to employers and increase your professional opportunities.

Discover which construction skills are in high demand and can benefit your career.

Concrete Tilt-Up Construction

Concrete tilt-up construction is energy-efficient, budget-friendly, and lower maintenance than other construction methods. Because this construction method is becoming popular within the industry, there is a high demand for skilled workers.

Building Information Modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) provides a digital representation of a project’s physical and functional aspects. This skill supports more efficient design and management for construction projects. 

Digital Twin Technology

Digital twins provide real-time monitoring and simulation of physical assets. This technology predicts failures and supports optimized operations. The ability to create and interpret digital twins provides construction professionals with a competitive edge. 

Big Data

Big data skills such as data collection, analysis, and interpretation are required to make informed decisions. These skills support tasks such as construction site selection, cost estimation, and risk management.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things (IoT)-powered devices can monitor construction sites in real-time. These devices can collect data on worker movements, machinery health, and other relevant issues to increase efficiency. The ability to implement and interpret IoT data helps construction firms maintain their competitive edge.

Process Engineering

The ability to work with different suppliers and contractors helps a construction firm efficiently deliver high-quality services throughout a project. These activities help keep the firm competitive.


Scheduling skills include the creation of and adherence to your schedule and your team’s schedule. These skills impact whether a construction project’s benchmarks are reached on time.


Budgeting skills affect whether a construction project is completed within the allotted monetary amount. These skills help complete a quality project within budgetary constraints.    


Communication skills are essential to plan and execute a construction project. These skills keep internal partners, subcontractors, and other stakeholders informed throughout the project to create a high-quality product.


Training skills help reduce the impact of the skills shortage in the construction industry. Using knowledge, skills, and experience to educate a team about their roles and help develop their skills supports efficiency and team cohesion.

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